Champaka's Vision for the Future

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In June 2019, Champaka was honored to be awarded 2019 Mindbody Visionary Award for its vision for the future. We would like to share this vision:

Champaka is more than just a Spa. Champaka is a movement to bring authentic Traditional Thai Massage + Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM) to USA to reach as many people possible to share it’s therapeutic healing properties - please join us!

Champaka is often Imitated,… but Never Duplicated. Why? - our Vision, Mission and Values.


To be a leader of specialized Traditional Thai Medical Spa services in Northern Virginia.


Our mission is to increase well-being* using Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM) + Traditional Thai Massage.

*Well-being is defined as

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The set of guiding principles for our organization. These are the building blocks of our culture, because we're grateful for the opportunity to help others. As caregivers, we approach each customer with compassion and empathy. We strive to earn and keep the trust of those we serve by delivering exceptional therapeutic service.

  •  Loving Kindness – or Metta, directing well-wishes towards other people.

  • Gratitude – We show gratitude for the opportunity to help others and for the trust they place in us.

  • Excellence – Seek continuous improvement in body, mind and spirit.

  • Compassion – Sympathetic concern for the sufferings of others.

  • Empathy – We seek to understand the needs of others and accept and celebrate individuality.

 Our greatest form of payment is good karma received from our clients by treating their ailments, increasing their well-being and helping them live healthier, happier lives.


We've observed Traditional Thai Massage relieve chronic / acute pain and improve physical and mental well-being countless times and is basis of our beliefs:

  • Modern fast-paced lifestyle results in higher levels of stress, chronic/acute pain, poor health from lack of exercise / poor diet.

  • Client’s wellness is increased through routine and affordable Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM) + Traditional Thai Massage.

  • Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM) INTEGRATED with Western Medicine increases effectiveness.

  • Traditional Thai Massage avoids the side effects of prescription drugs


  • Bring authentic Traditional Thai Massage to USA.

  • Build a Traditional Thai Medical (TTM) School to train Americans to perform Traditional Thai Massage.

  • Bring honor, respect and dignity to Thailand’s cultural heritage and national treasure of Traditional Thai Massage.

Code of Ethics

  • Conduct all business and professional activities within scope of practice and all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Refrain from engaging in any sexual conduct or sexual activities involving their clients in the course of a massage therapy session.

  • Be truthful in advertising and marketing, refrain from misrepresenting services, charges for services, credentials, training, experience, ability or results.

  • Refrain from engaging in any activity which violates confidentiality commitments and/or proprietary rights of any other person or organization.

  • Committed to follow highest level of anti-human trafficking best practices.



  • 2018 Best Spa in Northern Virginia

  • 2019 Best Spa in Northern Virginia

  • 2019 Mindbody Spa Visionary Award

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MindBody Spa Visionary Award.png


Voice of Company

Lamai Jumpaburi Coyle, Founder & CEO

Lamai is spokeswomen for Champaka Thai Massage & Spa. She is recognized expert in the field of Traditional Thai Massage in Northern Virginia region. Lamai is the creator of Champaka’s services and is dedicated to bring authentic Traditional Thai Massage services to USA.

Lamai’s personnel brand elements:

  • Role model to minority female entrepreneurs that it is possible to be successful in business by staying true to who you are, without compromising values, without hurting others to get ahead, helping people live healthier happy lives and taking care of employees.

  • Instructor, thought leader and advocate for Traditional Thai Massage.

  • Anti-human trafficking activist.

  • Bring honor, respect and dignity to Thailand’s cultural heritage and national treasure of Traditional Thai Massage.

  • Advocate of “Please don’t steal our Culture” campaign to defend Thai Massage against people seeking to profit from Thai Culture and Thai Massage. The Champaka brand provides guarantee that proper credit and respect is given to Thai Culture to prevent cultural appropriation.