Top 5 Reasons to choose Champaka Thai Massage & Spa

We know you have a lot of massage options to choose from: franchise, discount, independant, resort spa, etc,. We list the Top 5 reasons to choose Champaka for your massage needs:

1. Value: More Services for the Same Price

Our price is set by the market rate of our competition. We charge the same price as Massage Franchise establishments, however, provide much more services:

List of top reasons why Champaka Thai Massage and Spa is voted the best therapeutic massage spa in the Gainesville and Haymarket Va area by customer demand. Champaka hires massage professionals to provide the best treatments from acupressure to deep tissue massage. You will find massage therapist to meet all your needs.

2. Customer Feedback: You spoke, We listened.

Our competition are very well run massage establishments, however, there are parts of their business model that we feel are out dated. Based on our market research, it is VERY CLEAR there aspects of thier business models that the customer DOES NOT LIKE. Based on customer feedback, we've decided to break with industry standards in order to provide better customer service.

    Our competition charges 60 mins, but only provides 40 min massage (20 mins 'prep' time). At Champaka, we feel this type of marketing is tricky. We are trying to earn your trust as an alternative health care provider. If you pay for 60 Mins, you receive 60 Mins.

    In an effort to increase sales, our competition has all kinds of limitations, exclusions and fine print regarding the transferability of massages. At Champaka, we feel that if you pay for a massage that you are entitled to do whatever you want with it, including giving it away as a gift.

    In an effort to make it difficult to cancel memberships, our competition has all kinds of gimmicks such as requiring 30 day written notice, loss/forfeiture of unused membership massages if membership canceled, etc. At Champaka, these business practices do not feel right. Our mission is to relieve pain and stress, not create it. Members are free to opt in or out at anytime.

    In an effort to increase membership sales our competition attempts to sell multiple memberships per household. At Champaka, we feel the industry is really missing the mark on this one. Our FAMILY MEMBERSHIP can be used by the whole family, with unlimited guest privileges. Unused massage sessions roll-over with no expiration.

THIERLamai Jumpaburi Coyle graduated from Shivagakomarpaj School of Thai Massage, Old Medicine Hospital, Chiang Mai, Thailand with certification in Traditional Thai Massage in 2010. Lamai is a Licensed and Certified Massage Therapist in state of Virginia since 2011.

3. Respect. Owner is a Practicing Licensed Massage Therapist

Champaka Thai Massage & Spa is run by Massage Therapists for Massage Therapists. We know massage is hard work and we work side by side our employees everyday. Our employees are the centerpiece of our organization and are treated with respect. As a result, we have much lower employee turnover and higher pay compared with other massage establishments.  That means you will experience a consistency with our staff. If you find a good massage therapist that understands your needs - you can stick with them.

It is our belief, the owner of a massage establishment NEEDS to be a Massage Therapist to develop an appreciation for the art and have compassion and caring for the customer. When the owner is not a Massage Therapist, we have observed a noticeable lack of understanding for customer and employee.

4. Pride in Craftsmanship

Thai Massage is more than a massage modality to us, it is part of our cultural heritage. In order to bring authentic Traditional Thai Massage to America, we are cultural ambassadors that represent a thousand year old national treasure. We take this responsibility seriously and try to do the best that we can.

The name of our Spa, Champaka, is a derivative from our family name Jumpaburi, which in Thai means land of the Champaka flower. We named our Spa to honor our grandfather, a Traditional Thai Medical Practitioner (TTM), who taught us Traditional Thai Massage. Our family name is on every service we perform. It is important to us to provide excellent service.

Thailand, Providing excellent Thai Massage customer service is our duty.

5. Independently Owned

Our mission and life's purpose is to provide increased health and wellness through authentic Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM) + Traditional Thai Massage. Our principles and ethics are not compromised by corporate greed and are free to treat our customers and employees fairly. We expend our resources responsibly and wisely in order to deliver the highest quality therapeutic service to our customers at affordable prices. We also believe in the fair and ethical treatment of our employees and pay them twice (2x) above industry standards.


Experience the Champaka difference. Book a massage at our treatment facility and start your path to rejuvenation.