Meditation with Thai Massage Therapist

Champaka’s Thai Massage & Spa offers guided Theravada Buddhist weekend mediation service. This is a free community service open to the public. Meditation is held each Saturday from 8:00 to 9:00 am at Champaka Spa facility Thai Massage Hall. (Handicap and wheelchair accessible).

Champaka's Cultural Exchange interacts with local community by sharing authentic Traditional Thai Cultural Events. Every session includes a Thai cultural greeting and consultation about the history, traditions and indigenous Thai Medicine is explained. Our Treatment facility includes Traditional Thai cultural décor, architecture and design.


08:00 am Welcome and Thai Cultural Greeting
08:05 am Chanting and the Five Precepts
08:15 am Introduction to meditation by Champaka Thai Massage Team Member
08:20 am Group sitting in Champaka Thai Massage Hall
08:25 pm Practicing mindful sitting meditation
08:30 pm Yoga practice & gentle stretch exercise
08:40 pm Meditation instruction for beginners from Theravada tradition (English language). 
08:45 pm Tea Break
08:50 pm Dhamma talks: Questions & Answers by special guest speakers
09:00 pm Adjourn